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The Life Cycle of a Cardiac Device Clinic

The Life Cycle of a Cardiac Device Clinic

A typical cardiac device clinic experiences common same challenges over and over again. The life-cycle of an efficiently run and optimized device clinic contains several universal components. These same problem areas exist in device clinics everywhere and include these primary challenges: staffing, training and remote monitoring optimization and efficiencies.

A Device Clinic Staffing Crisis: Device clinics nationwide are grappling with a staffing crisis as they strive to meet remote monitoring care standards. Recruiting and retaining skilled device techs and nurses is an uphill battle. According to recent HRS guidelines, clinics need 3 device techs for every 1000 CIED patients they manage – a daunting yet critical task.

The Cycle of the Cardiac Device Clinic: Staffing and training challengesCardiac Device Clinic Needs to Hire and Train Staff: The Device Clinic Manager feels as if the recruiting,hiring and training process is never complete. Finding staff that is trained and clinically ready to handle remote monitoring and in-clinic patient care is a tall order. Even after hiring competent clinic staff a Device Clinic Manager may have additional clinic staff in need of training.

Device Remote Monitoring Needs Efficiency and Optimization: The workflow in a device clinic can be overwhelming, so a Clinic Manager is constantly searching for ways to optimize and improve efficiency in the clinic’s remote monitoring with the goal to have a fully efficient device clinic that will elevate the patient outcomes.

PrepMD is the only provider offering a complete solution to cardiac device clinics:

Cardiac Device Remote Monitoring Service

Remote Monitoring Service

Choose PrepMD’s trusted gold-standard cardiac device remote monitoring service, delivered by a full-time IBHRE®-certified team

Cardiac Device Remote Monitoring Software

Remote Monitoring Software
Manage your clinic with our highly intuitive and clinician-developed software, offering SaaS, managed-SaaS and hybrid options.

Cardiac In-Clinic Staffing

In-Clinic Staffing

Meet your ever-growing cardiac clinic staffing needs using PrepMD’s hire, train, deploy, and develop model for in-clinic solution.

Cardiac Healthcare Training

Healthcare Training

Advance the clinical skills of your team with PrepMD’s customizable online, onsite, and hybrid healthcare training solutions.

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