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PrepMD stands at the forefront of cardiac healthcare solutions, renowned for blending clinical expertise with technological innovation. As the only provider of end-to-end tech-enabled solutions, we offer remote cardiac device monitoring, highly intuitive clinician-developed software, specialized in-clinic staffing, and comprehensive corporate and healthcare training. Our certified and highly experienced teams support device clinics ranging from 20 to over 16,000 patients. Leveraging our clinical expertise and advanced technology, along with a wide range of solutions, PrepMD plays a crucial role in transforming global cardiac care.

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The Journey Begins in 2009
Our story started with visionaries Matt O’Neal and Bob Mattioli, who founded PrepMD as a cardiac device pacing school. Their pioneering spirit laid the groundwork for what would become a multifaceted cardiac healthcare solutions company.

Expanding Our Reach
From our humble beginnings, PrepMD rapidly grew, incorporating a wide array of diverse cardiac clinical solutions. Our global impact resonates through customers around the world who engage with our online learning modules for clinical development in cardiac care. PrepMD’s growth spans healthcare and corporate training, comprehensive staffing solutions, and sophisticated remote monitoring for Cardiac Implantable Electronic Devices (CIED), continually broadening our scope and enhancing patient outcomes.

Reflecting on Our Growth
Our transformation from a specialized pacing school to a globally recognized leader in cardiac solutions is a testament to our commitment to excellence and innovation. As we continue to grow, our focus remains on enabling delivery of superior cardiac care worldwide.

Join us in our mission as we continue to lead and innovate in the ever-changing landscape of cardiac healthcare.

Cardiac Device Clinic Solutions

Personalized, Patient-Centric Care
Healthcare systems utilize PrepMD for tailored cardiac remote monitoring service and software, in-clinic staffing and digital healthcare training solutions. As one of the largest CIED remote monitoring service providers in the country, PrepMD sets the standard for exemplary patient care led by a full-time IBHRE®-certified team.

Corporate Solutions

Bridging Knowledge and Needs

Corporations benefit from PrepMD’s versatile training solutions, available online, onsite, or in hybrid formats, and our strategic partnerships for specialized staffing needs. Our programs are designed to meet the continuous learning and development requirements of the corporate sector in cardiac care.

Career Solutions

Fostering Global Cardiac Expertise

Individuals worldwide utilize PrepMD’s training and online learning resources for cardiac career advancement. Our acclaimed training facility offers immersive, practical learning to develop future cardiac leaders, complemented by our unmatched, extensive online learning offerings, all led by our expert trainers.

The Core Values of PrepMD


At PrepMD, trust is foundational. We prioritize transparency, accountability, and integrity, ensuring every interaction solidifies our commitment to reliability and mutual respect.


Quality is more than a standard—it's our promise. We're dedicated to excellence, constantly refining our processes and solutions to guarantee top-notch tech-enabled solutions and outcomes.


Our standing in cardiac care firmly hinges on our expertise. With a passionate and highly-skilled team, we consistently remain at the forefront of industry innovation and knowledge.

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