PrepMD OMNI: Empowering Clinics to Operate Their Way
PrepMD OMNI enables clinic managers to run their clinics exactly as they see fit, providing all essential resources at their fingertips. By integrating dynamic staffing solutions, CEU-accredited training modules, and advanced on-demand remote monitoring into a single platform, PrepMD OMNI revolutionizes clinic operations. This all-encompassing approach not only improves data management but also enhances staff competency and patient outcomes, setting a new standard in cardiac care.

A New Era in Cardiac Clinic Management
Gone are the days when device management software was simply a tool for data handling. In today’s cardiac care landscape, PrepMD OMNI disrupts this outdated notion by delivering a comprehensive suite that supports every aspect of clinic operations. This integrated platform does more than streamline processes; it boosts efficiency and optimizes patient care by meeting the extensive needs of cardiac clinics.

SAAS Solutions in cardiac remote monitoring
  • Standalone SaaS OR managed SaaS OR flexibility to switch
  • Apply multiple clinics within a single system
  • Alert triage capability within the software
  • Configurable views for different use cases
  • Physician sign off capabilities within the platform
  • Bidirectional EHR integration
  • In-clinic solution to import PDF reports
  • Chat feature to contact an IBHRE® certified professional
  • Advanced search features to check extensive clinical information
  • Patient outreach solution for disconnected monitors
  • Billing compliance and optimization


OUR Software + YOUR Clinic Staff


OUR Software + OUR IBHRE® Staff


OUR Software + Our In-Clinic Staff

Minimal Onboarding and Training Time

Easy to use interface and intuitive platform to immediately help address clinic challenges, at no upfront cost. Minimal training time enables clinics to onboard and address backlogs as quickly as possible.

Trained Candidates Ready to Staff Your Clinic

Access a curated selection of rigorously trained and thoroughly vetted candidates for your device clinic through a built-in feature. Our innovative hire, train, deploy, and develop model guarantees candidates are readily available year-round.

Your Own Dedicated IBHRE-Certified Remote Service Team

Meet your dedicated remote monitoring service team and connect with your IBHRE-certified specialist and technical support staff at any time via our integrated live chat feature. Whether you need detailed insights into device data, assistance with complex scenarios, or quick technical support, our expert team is always just a click away.

Built-in CEU-Accredited Clinical Training Resources

PrepMD OMNI integrates CRM Online Learning, providing access to high-quality lessons, knowledge checks, animations, interactive 3D modules, simulations, and live cases. Enhance your online learning experience with additional resources including comprehensive assessments and onsite training options, ensuring a thorough understanding and application of the material.

EHR Integration and Billing Optimization

Bidirectional EHR integration enables generation of clinically relevant reports. Ensure revenue recognition with the Diagnosis and Billing module that allows the user to check the billing history of the patient, and recommend appropriate CPT codes for the reports generated.

Intuitive Dashboard and Customization

Transmissions and patient data aggregated from all CIED manufacturer websites. Clinics can customize alert prioritization and workflow, and utilize a highly efficient dashboard enabling effective CIED remote monitoring

Report Generation Interface

User-friendly report creation interface offers a highly efficient way to generate clinically relevant reports. Vendor-agnostic reports and ability to easily include relevant data and comments, in combination with simple features to dismiss or escalate, greatly helps optimize the workflow.

Manage Your Costs with Bundling Opportunities

Best-in-class software solution and ability to bundle with appropriate remote monitoring, in-office staffing and/or healthcare training solution, offers clinicians peace of mind besides providing improved outcomes for cardiac device patients.

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