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We understand the overwhelming challenges a cardiac device clinic faces every day. Our staff is full-time and experienced with an average tenure of 8+ years, ensuring that you receive quality reports delivered by IBHRE® certified specialists and a dedicated account manager

Bundling & Choice

We are the only vendor-agnostic service provider with a COMPLETE clinic solution - service, software, staffing and training so that you choose which services align best with your clinic's needs and workflow

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Questions to Ask |

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Am I looking for

  • One-stop shop: remote monitoring + training + staffing
  • Service and/or Software Solutions to increase efficiency and simplify my clinic's daily workflow
  • A remote monitoring service to work within my existing platform
  • Choices and customization to fit my clinic's needs
  • Solutions to ensure continuity of care for all our device patients
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Do I Need

  • Daily triage/alert reporting
  • High quality pacemaker / ICD / ILR device report writing
  • Heart failure monitoring
  • Backlog cleanup & scheduling
  • Workflow & billing optimization with maximum reimbursement potential
  • Improved onboarding of remote cardiac patient care
  • Patient outreach services
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Am I looking for

  • A service provider experienced with device clinics of all sizes
  • My own dedicated service team I can trust
  • Full-time IBHRE® certified cardiac device specialists
  • SOC 2 Type II compliance
  • Healthcare online and hybrid training assessment tools
  • Staffing resource for screened/trained cardiac device specialists to add to my team
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Do I Prefer

  • No subscription/upfront costs
  • Bundled pricing options to save on services for my clinic
  • Seamless implementation and integration with my systems
  • Customized service agreements
  • To start a remote monitoring service immediately
  • Ability to seamlessly switch between software only and service + software

Clinic Testimonials

Case Studies | Your Clinic's Success is Our Success

CASE STUDY 1: Cardiology Clinic Workflow Optimization and Backlog Cleanup

3,500 Transmission Backlog | After 8 weeks w/PrepMD 0 Backlog

We quickly onboarded a 10,000 patient cardiology clinic adhering to a clinic-specified patient care protocol, managing daily alert triage and remote report writing for ALL device transmissions including dual and single chamber pacemakers, ICDs and ILRs, while efficiently cleaning up a 3,500+ backlog in less than 8 weeks

CASE STUDY 2: Improved Remote Monitoring Patient Compliance and Clinic Optimization

41% Improvement | Year 1: 1,725 | Year 2: 2,178 | Year 3: 2,432

With our help towards improving cardiac remote monitoring patient education and compliance as well as clinic workflow optimization, a clinic was able to realize a 41% growth in clinically relevant patient reports over a 3 year period without experiencing any additional staffing burden

CASE STUDY 3: Cardiac Device Alert Notification and
Clinic-Specified Patient Care Protocols

1 Month Period: 2500 Transmissions | 89 Notifications

We provide prompt and reliable communication of the most clinically relevant data, according to each clinic’s patient care protocols for their cardiac device remote monitoring patients. One month at a clinic shows that out of 2,500 remote CIED transmissions, 89 alert notifications were provided, streamlining the clinic workflow and ensuring the highest standard of care


High Voltage Therapy Notifications


Untreated Wide Complex Tachycardia Notifications


New Onset Atrial Fibrillation Notifications


Notifications for Lead Issues


Worsening Heart Failure Notifications


Low Battery Notifications

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