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Hire top talent with PrepMD! Your staff is the critical component for exceptional patient care and PrepMD is the ONLY company providing a lasting solution. We reduce the stress for you by providing screened and trained candidates, with ongoing training and certification resources. Over 1500 individuals have utilized PrepMD training and online learning solutions, and our talented top performing candidates work for healthcare and medical device employers across the U.S. Elevate your clinic's standards and realize clinic cost-savings with PrepMD bundled services: staffing, cutting-edge software and top-tier remote monitoring services!


We Understand Your Device Clinic Staffing Challenges

We understand that hiring is critical to your clinic’s success. We reduce the stress and risk by providing screened and trained candidates.  With over 250 combined years of relevant cardiac device industry and clinical healthcare experience, the PrepMD team understands how successful clinical teams function.

We recruit and train candidates for the academic background, work experience, personal and coachable qualities needed for a cardiac medical device clinical role. Candidates learn through our rigorous training and online learning solutions, gaining clinical proficiency through hands-on experience in our state-of-the-art simulation labs. Our robust training and online learning resources provide continuous access throughout the year to candidates with the foundational and clinical knowledge needed in CIED, EP, SH & IC devices and therapies. PrepMD candidates are ready to join and make an impact on your clinical team.

Elevate your clinic with PrepMD bundled solutions: in-clinic staffing, healthcare training, remote monitoring services and software.

How PrepMD's In-Clinic Solution works

  • Immediate Staffing Solution: Tap into PrepMD’s ready-to-deploy, expertly trained professionals for device staffing, supported by long-term, 1-year or 2-year agreements.
  • Hire, Train, Deploy & Develop Model: Our efficient approach ensures a steady supply of highly skilled professionals, seamlessly integrated into your clinic via contractual agreements. Ongoing training for IBHRE certification is provided to these professionals.
  • Flexible Employment Pathways: Enjoy long-term staffing solutions with the flexibility to permanently hire PrepMD staff or opt for a seamless replacement at contract completion.

We are Revolutionizing Device Clinic Care Standards

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A Device Clinic Staffing Crisis

Device clinics nationwide are grappling with a staffing crisis as they strive to meet remote monitoring care standards. Recruiting and retaining skilled device techs and nurses is an uphill battle. According to recent HRS guidelines, clinics need 3 device techs for every 1000 CIED patients they manage – a daunting yet critical task. PrepMD is your solution to this industry-wide challenge!

Hire | Train | Deploy Model

PrepMD pioneered an innovative Hire, Train, Deploy, and Develop model, making us the ONLY company offering a lasting solution. We recruit the best talent, rigorously train them using our industry-leading resources, and deploy them to your clinic. Ongoing training and certification resources ensure your PrepMD contracted staff provide the highest standard of care.

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Exceptional Clinic Staffing

Our clinic staff commit to long-term contracts and you choose to either convert to a direct hire or opt for seamless replacement at the end of the contract period. Your clinic remains fully staffed, providing superior CIED patient care. Elevate your clinic's standards with PrepMD exceptional staffing, cutting-edge software and top-tier remote monitoring services!

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