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Case Studies: Partnering with a Corporate Training Solutions Company for Cardiac Clinical Training Needs

Case Studies: Partnering with a Corporate Training Solutions Company for Cardiac Clinical Training Needs

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How do Med Device Corporations Benefit from Partnering with A Specialized Corporate Training Provider

Medical device corporations face the ongoing challenge of ensuring their current teams and new hires are equipped with the latest clinical knowledge. This is where a partnership with a specialized training provider like PrepMD becomes invaluable. Such corporate training providers will be able to augment the clinical training teams, enabling corporations to focus on advanced product-specific education.

Partnering with a company like PrepMD that offers extensive online and onsite training solutions, lays down a solid foundation for a variety of roles, including clinical staff and sales teams. Beyond direct clinical roles, corporations may be able to equip cross-functional teams—like engineering and marketing—with essential cardiac knowledge, empowering them to excel in their respective tasks.

Following are case studies that exemplify the success of our collaborative training initiatives with leading medical device corporations:

CASE STUDY 1: Global Medical Device Company Product Launch

The Corporate Training Need
Team Transitioning to Clinic Sales

The Solution
This client was approaching a commercial launch of a new product and asked PrepMD to customize a training solution for their clinical team who would be transitioning to clinical sales responsibilities. This onsite training focused on sales in the cardiac clinical space, using selling skills assessments, sales training, and role playing. The training delivery was launched for their entire regional team as they prepared to go to market with this new product launch. The customized training solution is now the standard on-boarding sales training requirement for all new sales professionals.

CASE STUDY 2: EP New Hires at Global Medical Technologies Company

The Corporate Training Need
EP Fundamentals for New Hires

The Solution
This global medical device company needed an electrophysiology online learning solution for their new hires. After consultation, we helped the client identify their challenges and then designed a customized and branded online solution for them. The all online training solution became the standard for every new hire at the company. The client realized how successful the training was and decided to make it available through their website as a link and a resource to customers. This allowed them to create a customer database of who was more interested in their product and their product training.

CASE STUDY 3: New Salespeople at Global Medical Device Company

The Corporate Training Need
New Salespeople Need Cardiac Foundational Hands-on Training

This global medical device company needed cardiac foundational training for new salespeople. PrepMD designed a cath lab training program with a custom delivery schedule to precede their in-house product training. This allowed employees to more quickly and successfully progress through internal training requirements. The company was so satisfied with the training and employee retention results, this baseline training for all new sales hires was implemented across all divisions.

CASE STUDY 4: Cardiovascular Therapies Startup Product Launch

The Corporate Training Need
Online Learning for New Hires

A startup company in an adjacent medical specialty was transitioning over to the cardiac space for a new indication using their existing technologies. With a team that had no cardiac subject matter expertise, they came to PrepMD prior to product launch to build their company branded training materials for all internal and field sales personnel. This online learning solution became their standard required onboarding training for all newly hired employees.

CASE STUDY 5: U.S. Government Agency Tenured Technical Team

The Corporate Training Need
Quality Control Engineers Need Cardiac Foundational Skills Training

A team of quality control engineers needed cardiac clinical foundation training to communicate effectively with clinicians and scientists. PrepMD conducted online individual assessments to determine needs across the agency, then delivered a lab-based training program on cardiac rhythm management, structural heart, interventional cardiology and related cardiac therapies. Follow-up evaluation and assessment helped ensure comprehension and proficiency.

To explore how a partnership with PrepMD can help you meet your training requirements, please don’t hesitate to submit an inquiry.

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