PrepMD LLC Policy Statements pursuant to 603 CMR 3.11 and 603 CMR 3.18


  1. Course enrollment records and exam scores are archived by PrepMD LLC for a period of seven years.
  2. Course records in the form of PrepMD session curriculum, student rosters by PrepMD session, as well as individual test scores for each session, are stored electronically on a secure cloud-based Dropbox website.
  3. PrepMD’s 24-week long program is divided into 3 Segments: Orientation and Phase I Core Concept distance learning (1-9), followed by Phase II Pre-Clinical didactic lectures, workshops, and laboratories conducted at our Braintree facility (weeks 10 through 13), subsequently followed by Phase III Clinical Rotations in Boston area hospitals (weeks 14 through 24) during which time participants alternate weekly between classroom lectures, workshops and hospital -based clinical settings. The final two weeks of Phase 3 are comprised of mandatory written and hands-on practical exam assessments and graduation activities. Attendance is measured and accounted for during all 3 phases of the program. 100% attendance by each program participant is mandated to ensure that the participant maintains PrepMD’s Good Academic Standing in the program.
  4. Should a participant miss a training session in any of the 3 Phases, for whatever reason, this reason must be documented and approved by PrepMD’s Program Director. Failure to submit an absence without such approval constitutes a violation of the PrepMD’s attendance policy and as such may necessitate the participant’s voluntary withdrawal from the program.
    It is the sole responsibility of the student to make up all missed classroom assignments and examinations. Additional work may be assigned by faculty to account for missed clinical rotation and/or classroom time.
  5. Voluntary withdrawals from the Program due to the inability of the participant to adhere to the PrepMD attendance policy will qualify for a refund in accordance with the state’s refund policy.
  6. Each participant’s attendance record is reported to potential hiring managers upon request.

Grading and Satisfactory Progress

  1. Successful program completion is determined by achieving a Good Academic Standing score as detailed in PrepMD’s Academic Standing Policy. There are 13 tests administered during the 24 – week program inclusive of a mid – term and final exam. Students who do not achieve a passing grade on an exam are able to study and retake the exam. If the student does not pass the make-up test, PrepMD cannot graduate the participant from the program. There are a total of 2 make -up exams offered to each participant during a session. After 2 make -up exams have been exhausted by a participant, no future make-up exam will be offered and, as such, the participant cannot successfully complete the program.
  2. Exam and Quiz scores are posted weekly, and publically, in each classroom so that each participant understand their academic status on a week to week basis. Any student who does not maintain good academic standing on any test will receive direct counseling and additional academic support from PrepMD faculty, as well as a meeting with one of the Managing Partners, providing every opportunity to achieve a successful make-up exam.
  3. Based upon a PrepMD participant’s inability to maintain PrepMD’s Good Academic Standing, as defined in i) above, such participant will be given the option to voluntarily withdraw from the PrepMD session.
  4. Voluntary withdrawals from the Program due to the inability of the participant to adhere to the PrepMD’s Good Academic Standing policy will be assigned a refund in accordance with PrepMD’s refund policy. Course records in the form of PrepMD session curriculum, student rosters by PrepMD session, as well as individual test scores for each session, are stored electronically on a secure cloud-based Dropbox website.
  5. PrepMD LLC maintains a record of the results of all examinations, both written and oral, for students enrolled in each session and provides appropriate reports of progress to every participant on a weekly basis. All final grades are recorded within PrepMD’s electronic records and can be accessed by participants and by staff.

School Rules and Regulations

  1. Students are expected to be responsible for conducting themselves ethically, honestly, and with integrity. This includes mutual respect and civility in academic and professional dialogue while in our training facility and in particular during their attendance at clinical rotations.
  2. Students are accountable for meeting the requirements of the PrepMD training program.
  3. Students are barred from participating in situations that are deemed to impair, interfere with, or impede the opportunities of others to learn or that interrupts the functions of PrepMD LLC.
  4. Disciplinary action may occur for misconduct of a student to include, but is not limited to the following:
    • Actions, oral, and written statements which threaten or violate the personal safety of any member of the faculty, staff, or other students.
    • Disrespectful language toward any student, faculty member or staff of PrepMD.
    • Sexual abuse toward any PrepMD participant faculty member or staff.
    • Harassment that has the effect of creating a hostile or aggressive educational environment for any student, faculty, or staff member.
    • Sex discrimination/sexual harassment that has the effect of creating a hostile or unpleasant educational environment for any student, faculty, or staff member. This includes, but is not limited to, sex discrimination, sexual harassment, unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal and nonverbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature including sexual violence.
    • Stalking or persistently pursuing another person that has the effect of imposing unwelcomed contact and/or communication.
    • Disorderly conduct that obstructs or interferes with PrepMD LLC’s educational process.
    • Violation of any applicable professional codes of ethics or conduct.
    • Failure to promptly comply with any reasonable instruction from faculty or official of PrepMD LLC.
    • Fabrication, alteration or creation of information, or lying during an investigation.
    • Violation of federal, state, or local laws or regulations that impacts PrepMD LLC’s educational environment.

If disciplinary action is required, PrepMD will require the student to immediately withdraw from the PrepMD program. If such a withdrawal is indicated, PrepMD will issue a refund to the participant in accordance with the PrepMD refund and withdrawal policies.

Guidance and Counseling Policies PrepMD LLC provides academic and professional development guidance to each participant either through scheduled 1:1 sessions with academic instructors, or as a member of a group of participants assigned to a Professional Development advisor who is one of the Managing Partners. Professional Development guidance ranges from group lectures to individual sessions with participants, addressing issues such as resume and bio development, healthcare system and industry expectations for job performance, medical device industry history, and job interview preparation.

Job Placement 

  1. PrepMD LLC is actively engaged in the placement of all its participants into medical device specialist careers within industry and the healthcare system. PrepMD LLC enjoys placement contracts with many such clients. PrepMD does not charge any fees or expenses associated with the job interview or hiring processes. PrepMD also employs participants through its contract staffing entity, PrepMD Professionals LLC, or within its remote device monitoring service, PrepMD RMS LLC. These are short term contracts (6 months to 1 year) and often convert into direct hire positions.
  2. PrepMD maintains records of its job placement rates electronically and can provide these records to the Department of Professional Licensure (DPL), or to the public, upon written request.
  3. PrepMD is in compliance with all of requirements of the Attorney General of Massachusetts (as detailed here) with regard to expected salaries post-graduation from PrepMD.

School Calendar The entirety of each PrepMD session calendar (3 per year) is available on the PrepMD Admissions webpage. After the participant has completed and signed the Enrollment and at the time of enrollment, each participant receives a welcome letter detailing all necessary information the participant will require in advance of beginning the PrepMD program, inclusive of books, webinar schedules, on-site program preparation, and a detail on the expectations of time management that will be required throughout the conduct of the program. Participants are able to contact all PrepMD faculty regarding any questions on calendar and their program status when they are off-site, at 888-633-7737.

Course Access The PrepMD training program is not differentiated by “courses” but by phases of training.

Phase 1 is Core Concept coursework which is conducted through distance learning (a combination of daily on-line lectures, weekly live webinars and knowledge checks) currently conducted over an initial 8-week interval. Access to the initial Core Concept coursework is enabled through cloud-based links, detailed through documentation supplied in a welcoming letter distributed 2 weeks prior to the start of each PrepMD training session.

Phase 2, Pre-Clinical Coursework, consisting of didactic lectures, laboratories, and workshops, is conducted on-sit e at the PrepMD facility in Braintree MA. Each PrepMD participant must be able to attend daily lectures at the PrepMD facility.

Phase 3, Clinical Rotations, are conducted in Boston area hospitals and physician offices. Participants are required to have their own means of transportation available, whether public or private, in order to attend these clinical rotation sessions.

Student Complaints 

  1. PrepMD LLC has established a procedure for resolving student complaints. An individual must fill out the PrepMD Complaint Form, available upon request at the PrepMD offices.
  2. The completed complaint form must be signed and submitted by the originator to one of the Managing Partners of PrepMD.
  3. The complaint will be logged and registered and the originator will receive an acknowledgement accordingly.
  4. In accordance with 230 CMR 15.07(2), PrepMD LLC shall respond to student complaints within 10 days from the submission of the complaint by the student in writing to PrepMD LLC.
  5. The originator will receive a written response to the complaint from PrepMD with either resolution or the need for advancement of the complaint issue for further consideration.
  6. A written (and electronic) record of student complaints shall be maintained by PrepMD LLC for a period of seven years following the participant’s satisfactory completion of the PrepMD program, or the voluntary withdrawal of the participant from the PrepMD program.
  7. The complaint originator may also contact the MA Division of Professional Licensure with the complaint at any time at, or 617-727-7406.

Withdrawals If a student withdraws from a PrepMD session in accordance with PrepMD’s withdrawal policy, PrepMD shall:

  1. Treat the withdrawal as a termination of the enrollment contract effective immediately.
  2. Complete a refund calculation for the student, including all fees and payments, in a form acceptable to the division.
  3. Provide the calculation and any refund due to the student within 45 days of the effective date of the termination.

If a student stops attending a PrepMD session but does not withdraw in accordance with PrepMD’s withdrawal policy, PrepMD shall:

  1. For purposes of any payments due from the student or refund due to the student, treat the student’s non-attendance as a termination of the enrollment contract, effective no later than the last date of attendance or last participation in an instructional activity.
  2. Determine the effective date of the termination within 30 days after the end of the period of enrollment, the term, or the Program, whichever is earliest.
  3. Complete a refund calculation for the student, including all fees and payments, in a form acceptable to the division.
  4. Provide the calculation and any refund to the student within 45 days from the date the School determines the effective date of termination under 230 CMR 15.04(8)(b).
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