The Comprehensive PrepMD Passport Series

Online Learning, Hands-On Workshops,
Proficiency Assessments, Career and Placement Services
Offered by PrepMD Professionals

The Online Learning Experience

PrepMD Passport Series

Videos & Knowledge Checks

A Passport Holder advances through the clinical and technical content in a self-directed fashion. Highly effective lessons presented in easily consumable modules provide an optimal learning experience. Knowledge checks and games help learners ensure comprehension and retention.

PrepMD Passport 4

Proprietary Animations & Graphics

PrepMD’s proprietary 2D anatomic heart animations and graphics demonstrate structures and functionality reinforcing instructional videos and knowledge checks.  The Passport Holder is able to visualize and grasp concepts to efficiently learn foundational cardiac concepts.

PrepMD Passport 3

Interactive & Engaging 3D Modules

The interactive 3D tours offered in the PrepMD Passport Series provide an immersive and engaging learning experience to the user. Passport Holders visualize cardiac anatomy, disease states and treatments for enhanced learning and increased comprehension.

Series 1 Cardiac Foundations

Series 1 Cardiac Foundations lays the foundation of cardiac anatomy and physiology, rhythm interpretation, cardiovascular disease states, and provides an introduction to Cardiac Rhythm Management, Electrophysiology, and Interventional Cardiology and Structural Heart devices, procedures, technologies, and the related career pathways in these specialties.

Series 2 Device Fundamentals

Series 2 Device Fundamentals strengthens knowledge for a deeper and detailed understanding of cardiac devices and therapies across Cardiac Rhythm Management, Electrophysiology, and Interventional Cardiology and Structural Heart platforms.

Capstone Advanced Pathways

Capstone Pathway Series brings the online user virtually into the procedure room and device clinic, providing an opportunity to observe a variety of cardiac procedures and device programming along with detailed instruction on the devices, therapies, and procedures and allows users to pursue career interests from a suite of in-depth, tailored content:

CRM – Cardiac Rhythm Management
EP – Electrophysiology
IC/SH – Interventional Cardiology/Structural Heart

Access & Duration
The Passport Series is completed sequentially. Passport Holders receive 6 months access to each Series maintaining access while advancing from Series to Series.
Certificate of Completion
Knowledge Checks, Checkpoints, and Milestones at regular intervals throughout are used for self-assessment purposes, allowing individuals to identify areas of development and master the material. At the culmination of each Series individuals receive a Certificate of Completion.

Workshops, Proficiency Assessment
& Placement Services offered by PrepMD Professionals, LLC

Hands-on, Onsite Learning

While the PrepMD Passport Series is a self-directed, self-paced online learning resource, there are opportunities to gain hands-on learning, prove proficiency and gain access to placement services offered by PrepMD Professionals LLC. As users progress in the Series they may sign up for Workshops for hands-on experience, cardiac procedure simulations, implantable device interrogations, and case study reviews.

Certificate of Proficiency
Upon completion of hands-on learning at a Workshop, Passport Holders may also choose to take a Proficiency Assessment conducted by PrepMD Professionals. This includes written and practical assessment to demonstrate PrepMD Professionals standards of clinical and technical competence.
Career & Placement
Career and Placement Services are available only for Passport Holders who prove proficiency and go through an application process conducted by PrepMD Professionals. Career and Placement Services include resume development, interview preparation and exclusive candidate representation placement services.

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