We Understand Remote Monitoring Challenges
& Provide Solutions that Work Best for You

Versatile Remote Monitoring Options

You choose from a portfolio of software options, including having us work within your existing software platform, such as Paceart

We supply the tools to simplify your daily workflow while working as an extension to your device clinic

Strongest and Most Reliable Service

Every morning we triage alert transmissions according to your protocol

We provide backlog cleanup and scheduling, focusing on optimizing your clinic’s revenue to capture maximum allowable reimbursement

Experienced and Full Time Staff

PrepMD RMS Staff has 275+ years of combined experience as cardiac clinical managers and medical device clinical specialists

All cardiac monitoring specialists are IBHRE® certified, with over 95% of our staff working full-time

Training and Staffing Services

Additional Services: Take advantage of PrepMD corporate & clinical training,  online learning, and IBHRE® test preparation modules

Utilize the trusted brand of PrepMD Professionals for direct or contract staffing needs

What We Do For You

Manage Remote Schedules

We help your clinic maintain remote schedules and identify missed and delinquent patients

Streamline Clinic Workflow

Our customized solutions address workflow challenges & identify actionable alert programming

Filter Remote Monitoring Noise

Our CCDS-certified monitoring specialists provide you with clinically relevant data

Clinic and Billing Optimization

We help optimize your patient monitoring while ensuring billing efficiency & optimization

Consolidating Healthcare Systems

We help major healthcare systems consolidate individual practices and device clinics

Our Pledge: Best in Class Patient Care And No Upfront Costs

We provide the best-in-class care to your patients with no upfront costs and offer a no-subscription based model. We take pride in our team’s ability to partner with you to provide the best solution for your clinic. After all, these IBHRE® certified professionals were once in your shoes managing device clinics and tackling the same remote monitoring challenges you are facing today.

Our Insourcing Model:  Each clinic has a different workflow so we provide a solution customized to your clinic’s needs. Your solution may include a combination of software and service or utilizing your existing software, such as Paceart.  Consult with us to improve clinic efficiency, identify actionable alert programming, optimize billing and address device management concerns. We help determine remote monitoring revenue growth opportunities based on your patients and maximum allowable reimbursements using appropriate CPT codes.

How We Do It

Identify Workflow & Challenges

We analyze your current workflow to learn your key challenges

You Choose Technology

A CCDS-certified team helps identify all options for technology solutions

Together we Customize

Your solution is determined and implemented as an extension to your clinic

We Deliver Solutions

We deliver scheduling, triaged transmissions and high quality reports

Optimize your Clinic

You realize better patient care, increased efficiency and billing optimization!

Expert Staff

Each client at PrepMD is assigned a dedicated team of highly experienced and CCDS certified practitioners. From clinic managers to medical device industry clinical specialists, the PrepMD Remote Monitoring Services team has over 275 years of combined cardiac experience and is dedicated to enhancing the lives of patients. Your team of CCDS professionals ensures high quality patient transmision reports along with clinic and billing optimization. PrepMD RMS manages from small to large clinics, ranging from 20 to 16,000+ remotely monitored patients.

Versatile Solutions

We understand the cardiac device remote monitoring challenges faced by hospitals and clinics today. PrepMD RMS provides the most reliable and versatile remote monitoring solution on the market for the best standard of patient care. Choose a customized remote monitoring solution and enjoy measurable improvement outcomes including patient retention, quicker actionable alert response, patient scheduling adherence, reduction in hospital admissions, and clinic and billing optimization.

High quality reports written and reviewed by IBHRE certified professionals
Same-Day Alert Reporting
Triage alert transmissions helping to prioritize care
Clinic and Billing Optimization
A dedicated team enabling clinic optimization
No Upfront Costs Associated
No subscription or capital equipment purchases

Your Patients, Our Priority

Customized Solutions to Address Your Remote Monitoring Challenges

Clinic Staff Training

Onsite and online training (including IBHRE preparation) complimented with tailored competency assessment evaluations for your device clinic staff.

Staffing Solutions

Complement our customized remote monitoring services with a directly hired or contracted highly trained cardiac device technician.

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