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Changing lives since 2009 - Cardiac Training, Staffing and Remote Monitoring

The PrepMD story starts in the cardiac industry

Co-founders Matt O’Neal and Bob Mattioli had both worked their way up through the ranks from device specialists to sales representatives to senior managers and officers by the early 2000s. And they both recognized a similar problem within highly specialized medical device careers: the real risk most organizations ran when making new hires was an unacceptably high new hire attrition rate.

PrepMD was founded as a cardiac device pacing school to serve the need of trained cardiac device specialists, but soon grew to include cardiovascular and electrophysiology training, cardiac staffing services and cardiac device remote monitoring services. The faculty and staff have over 250 years of experience in the medical device space. Today, PrepMD is a well-recognized brand in the cardiac industry and healthcare clients across the US.

Training & Placement

Since the company’s founding in 2009, PrepMD has trained more than 450 participants—and our placement rate is 98% within the industry or the healthcare sector. After  24 weeks of didactic learning, simulation training, and clinical rotations, new hires from PrepMD are placed as highly productive cardiac device and electrophysiology mapping clinical specialists. “Our graduates can have a direct impact on people’s quality of life,” says Matt. PrepMD LLC also provides corporate and clinical onsite and online training programs for companies and health care providers.

Direct & Contract Staffing

PrepMD has directly placed or contracted 500+ trained professionals with medical device and healthcare employers across the US. The cardiac medical device field is a demanding one. Specialists need a high degree of clinical and technical knowledge, besides business savvy in case of medical device companies. Hiring managers now ask for prior experience or training while filling these positions.

This need is the core philosophy of the PrepMD concept: providing a better vetted and better prepared pool of talent who arrive on the job with a strong understanding of what their role is and can successfully execute that role accordingly. Our Contract Staffing Organization, PrepMD Professionals LLC delivers cardiac medical device specialists who can tackle your service burden and sales support needs today.

Remote Monitoring Services

PrepMD RMS is a leading cardiac device remote monitoring service provider offering customized solutions to device clinics ranging from 20 patients to over 11,000 remotely monitored patients. PrepMD RMS was founded to address an increasing burden on clinics striving to provide better standard of care to patients with CIEDs including pacemakers, ICDs and ILRs. With advancements in remote monitoring technologies and studies proving that remote monitoring represents a standard of care for patients with cardiac devices, there is a growing need for highly qualified professionals to manage the device clinics.

PrepMD makes the Top 10!

PrepMD Award Top 10 Medical Device companiesPrepMD named as 2021 Top 10 Companies in Wearable Medical Device Solution Providers by MD Tech Review, PrepMD: A stalwart in cardiac device training

Matt O'Neal

Matt O'Neal

Co-Founder and CEO

-University of Massachusetts Amherst-
Matt has over 42 years of medical device industry experience in sales, training, recruitment, and management roles for companies including Winthrop Laboratories, Cardiac Pacemakers Inc. and Boston Scientific. Matt played a key role in the commercial launch of breakthrough technologies, including the first ICD, the first transvenous ICD therapies, and Anti-Tachycardia (ATP) device applications. As Vice President of Sales for Boston Scientific CRM, Matt chaired multiple committees and drove the development of innovative new training programs that fostered clinical excellence while lowering costs. Matt also served on the Biomedical Advisory Board at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Bob Mattioli

Bob Mattioli


-Temple University-
Bob has over 43 years of medical device industry experience, centered in sales and marketing management functions, and has held officer positions with start-ups, large and small medical device companies. Bob is known for building and managing successful sales organizations at companies, including Cordis, Pacesetter, Jude Medical, Biotronik, CryoCath Technologies, etc. He has guided market development initiatives and commercial launches for medical device applications, including the implantable cardioverter defibrillator, cardiac cryoablation, vascular closure devices, heart valves, and biopolymer devices that deliver pharmaceutical interventions.

Visit us at PrepMD

Visit us at PrepMD

Boston – a healthcare & entrepreneurial hub

Located just 9 miles south of Boston, PrepMD offers access to the world-renowned cardiac medical centers! As part of our 24-week program, our participants spend 15 weeks in Boston area. Boston is a healthcare and entrepreneurial hub, enabling our participants to stay up-to-date with the ongoing innovation in this space.

Job Openings

At PrepMD, we continuously look for candidates who are experienced in the medical device industry. We run 3 divisions, namely Training & Placement Services, Contract Staffing Services and Remote Monitoring Services from our Braintree, MA facility.

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