Why PrepMD: No other medical device specialist training program
offers the same support, expertise and connection to industry

PrepMD offers training for a career path that makes a difference in the lives of patients. And we’re proud to say we do it in a way that nobody else can. Our unmatched industry connections, technologically advanced facilities, and clinical partnerships mean you have the best possible opportunity to prepare yourself for a future in the medical device industry.

Our track record proves it: we’ve achieved a 98% job placement rate for new graduates, and we’ve placed our graduates with multi-billion dollar medical device giants and world-renowned healthcare facilities with average yearly starting compensation package of $84K. However, PrepMD does not guarantee that a graduate will earn the stated amount, as many factors influence actual earnings and the components of an individual’s total compensation package.

Clinical, technical, and business knowledge you need in an environment that challenges you to succeed. We select talented and driven graduates and professionals for our medical device specialist training program. Focused on cardiac rhythm management (CRM) and electrophysiology (EP) devices, this 24-week, full-time program covers clinical and technical knowledge, medical device business and market knowledge, and hands-on skills in programming and assessing device performance.

This rigorous and comprehensive training program rewards those who are passionate, focused, and hard working. We start three cohorts per year, and each cohort completes three phases of study.

We know the medical device industry

Founded by senior executives in the medical device industry, PrepMD understands the needs of the companies that will want to hire you. We understand the market, the players, and the clinical and corporate strategies at work. Most importantly, we know talent when we see it. When we admit you to our program, it’s because we think you have what it takes.

We teach from experience

Our full-time faculty members bring more than one hundred years of combined health care and medical device industry experience to your classroom. From sales management to cardiac catheter lab experience, our faculty offer expertise on the clinical and practical applications of cardiac technologies and can teach you about the business side of the industry, too.

We offer a state-of-the-art training facility

Our 12,000 ft2 teaching center in Braintree, Massachusetts features simulation labs, programming equipment from multiple companies, a mock OR, an on-site library, and more. In 2011, our facility won American School and University‘s “Outstanding Design for a U.S. Training Center Facility.”

We prepare you for the role

As soon as you begin your program, we begin preparing you for your job search. You’ll work one-on-one with a faculty member who will advise and assist you with resume revision, mock interviews, and more to ensure you’re personally and professionally prepared to find your feet in the industry.

Offering 3 sessions a year to suit your needs

We offer three 24-week sessions every year (Winter, Spring, and Fall), which begin in January, April, and August respectively. This means you can decide to take the leap whenever you are ready. Besides, first 9 weeks of each 24-week session is fully focused on core concept learning, which is done online with full guidance of our faculty through live webinars.

We bring employers to you

PrepMD is also a placement company with a 98% placement rate. Hiring managers and regional mangers come to PrepMD for interviews, events, mentor presentations, and to take part in corporate training programs. You’ll have the chance to meet and interact with hiring managers even before interviews begin.

98% Placement Rate
Industry Connections
Amazing Facility
Experienced Faculty
98% Placement Rate
Industry Connections
Amazing Facility
Experienced Faculty

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