MDCI 101 online training
Wonder what it takes to become a medical device professional? Medical Device Career Insights 101 is an online course presented by former industry executives and trainers. Curriculum Includes over 10 hours of online learning:

  • Technical skill sets needed to begin a career
  • An overview to the Medical Device Industry
  • Strategies for a successful interview process
  • Enhanced questioning and listening skills

MDCI 101 Modules:

  • Stages of the Interview
  • Overview of Medical and Industry Terminology
  • Understanding Cardiology Patient and Diseases
  • Basic Electrophysiology of the Heart
  • Fundamentals of the ECG and Rhythm Interpretation
  • Electricity 101
  • Basics of the Pacing System
  • Pacing 101
  • Pacemaker Modes and Codes
  • Single Chamber Timing Cycles

iPrepMD online learning platform has been used by hundreds of industry and health care professionals for their own professional development.

Pricing $24.95 includes a 90 days MDCI 101 subscription and access to over 10 hours of professional development and technical instruction to help you better understand what it takes to begin a career in the medical device industry.

98% Placement Rate
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Amazing Facility
Experienced Faculty

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