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PrepMD offers strict selection process, high quality training and world-class clinical partnerships

The PrepMD faculty and placement team has more than 250 years of combined experience in cardiac medical device and healthcare industries. We know what the hiring managers are looking for and understand how successful teams function, and how to spot the kind of talent you need.

We’re committed to growing the talent pool for the medical device industry and the healthcare sector, so we select our students for success. In our initial screening process, we consider:

Academic Background

We favor candidates whose academic or professional backgrounds have laid a foundation of skills necessary for competence as a medical device specialist. This includes nursing, life sciences, and engineering graduates.

Professional Experience

While many of our students are recent college graduates, some have post-collegiate work experience and are looking to change fields. We select professionals with B2B sales, clinical, pharmaceutical, and other healthcare related experience.

Personal Qualities

We look for candidates who are predisposed to be high achievers, with strong intellectual capabilities and exceptional initiative. They typically have strong communication and analytical skills and are compassionate toward patients.

Geographic Preferences

Our candidates are open to working in many different areas of the country.

After the initial screening, candidates typically undergo a series of rigorous personal interviews with members of our staff who have worked as hiring managers in the medical device and healthcare industries. Even before the candidates join our program, they’ve already been vetted for their suitability in sales or clinical roles.

During the Program

PrepMD’s 24-week program is academically rigorous and provides strong foundational knowledge for the students to successfully contribute to the cardiac field. The program is comprised of 9 weeks of core concepts learning followed by 15 weeks of intense hands-on training at our award-winning facility and clinical rotations at Harvard and Tufts affiliated medical centers.

As the program progresses, we rank our students according to their academic achievement and performance. You can see not just who’s on top, but who has specific strengths and skills which may be missing from your current team. This helps you pinpoint which students to interview for immediate hires, and which ones to keep in mind for future roles. Our entire process aims to offer you access to talent that will improve the performance of your teams—and your clinic or business.

~500 graduates placed in 40 states

Find your next clinical specialist from our rigorously screened pool of candidates. Reach out today to request details on the upcoming group of graduates, schedule a corporate visit, or arrange interviews.

PrepMD students undergo academically rigorous 24-week training focusing on cardiac devices, electrophysiology procedures, and related therapies such as structural heart and interventional cardiology procedures.

Phase 1: Core Concepts Learning (online)

  • Orientation and Professional Development
  • Cardiac Anatomy and Physiology
  • Introduction to the ECG and Rhythm Analysis
  • Introduction to Cardiac Rhythms
  • The Cardiology Patient, Disease, Diagnosis and Therapies
  • Introduction to CIED Components and Function
  • Advanced Rhythms and Conduction System Anatomy
  • Fundamentals of EP and Arrhythmia Analysis
  • CIED Fundamentals

Phase 2: Hands-on Training at Our Award-winning Facility Complimented with Classroom Sessions

  • Brady Therapy / EP Week 1
  • Tachy Therapy / EP Week 2
  • CRT/ EP Week 3
  • Orientation and Assessment

Phase 3: Clinical Rotations at Harvard, Tufts, UMass Amherst and Boston University affiliated medical centers

Students participate in clinical rotations at Harvard, Tufts, Boston University and the University of Massachusetts affiliated medical centers. They gain clinical experience not only in CRM and EP procedures but also in structural heart and interventional cardiology procedures to include left atrial appendage closure, TAVR and CTO cases. These experiences will be complemented by additional coursework in these related therapies as well as next level hands-on training and evaluated case study presentations conducted at the PrepMD facility. Upon successful completion of written and practical final exams, they will graduate the program.

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10 Years Staffing Experience
450+ Grads Placed in 40 States
Cardiac Device & EP Trained Candidates
Direct & Contract Staffing Solutions
10 Years Staffing Experience
450+ Grads Placed in 40 States
Cardiac Device & EP Trained Candidates
Direct & Contract Staffing Solutions

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