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Our Candidate Screening Process

Academic Background

Candidates are screened for academic and professional backgrounds well aligned for a medical device specialist career

Professional Experience

Candidates have B2B sales, clinical, pharmaceutical, and other healthcare related experience, as well as recent college graduates

Personal Skills for Success

Candidates are high achievers with strong communication skills, analytical capabilities, with compassion toward patients.

Geographic Flexibility

Candidates are screened for geographic flexibility to ensure they are open to working in many different areas of the country.

Testing & Assessment

Academic performance is measured, with didactic and simulation testing designed to mimic the standards set by the cardiac device industry.



Fall 2021

5 years of customer service and managerial experience utilizing leadership and interpersonal communication skills while still in school. Promoted to crew leader after 2 years, responsible for managing a small team. Focused on maintaining customer relationships and creating an efficient schedule on a day-by-day basis. Earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communication from Boston College (3.78 GPA), while working independently in a part-time maintenance role. Eager to translate interpersonal skills, strong work ethic, high motor, and an education focused on helping others into a rewarding career as a cardiac clinical specialist.


Fall 2021

5 years of experience as a coach and educator, teaching in private and group settings of up to 20 people. Cultivated strong interpersonal and leadership skills. Dedicated 600+ hours of self-taught computer software and game development, solidifying detail-oriented and creative problem solving. Graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles with a Bachelor of Science in Biology (3.8 GPA). Eager to combine a passion for teaching and education with the knowledge acquired at PrepMD in a rewarding career as a cardiac clinical specialist.

Emily B.

Fall 2021

MBA graduate (3.71 GPA) from Stony Brook University with 4 years of leadership experience managing departmental revenue in excess of $1.5 million. Maintained strong client connections and oversaw staff in residential conference housing. Additionally, led annual training presentations for 120 staff members on business protocols. Overhauled departmental procedures and policies for the first time in 10 years to create a new operating standard approved by University stakeholders. Undergraduate degree from Stony Brook University with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (3.2 GPA). Highly motivated and result driven individual eager to apply leadership skills and science background to a career in the cardiac medical device industry. 

Emily T.

Fall 2021

Competitive student-athlete and captain with 1+ years of direct patient care as a medical scribe. 2,000+ hours in an emergency department with responsibility for 100+ patients per day. Collaborated with physicians and medical professionals to optimize workflow and provided training for new medical scribe hires. Graduate of the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science in Biomolecular Science. Balanced a demanding academic curriculum while working 40+ hours per week in hospitality management and leadership positions. Adaptable and eager to apply clinical knowledge and experience to engage in a successful career in the cardiac medical device industry.


Fall 2021

4 year student-athlete at Alderson Broaddus University with a degree in Exercise Science. Balanced academic curriculum with training and competitions as well as involvement in other campus organizations and the community. Spent over a year as a Logistics Account Executive in the freight industry using problem solving skills to help multiple customers move their products. Worked in a medically integrated fitness center where clients were attending for medically prescribed workouts. Developed strong relationships with customers in both the fitness and logistics industries. Eager to show leadership, self-motivation, and communication skills as a clinical cardiac specialist.


Fall 2021

Over 2 years of banking experience with one of the largest banks in the United States. Skilled at working in a fast-paced environment on a commercial team of 19 people, efficiently handling finance requests from companies with revenues up to $5 billion. Detail oriented meeting deadlines and timely analysis of customer information. Developed the ability to perform under high stake situations with accuracy and precision. Graduate of The University of Memphis with a business degree in Finance. Excited to take the skills obtained in the finance industry to serve as a passionate, focused and competent clinical cardiac specialist.


Fall 2021

Graduate of The Pennsylvania State University with a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Engineering (3.66 GPA). Utilized technical communication skills over 2 years leading an undergraduate research project studying biomechanics of upper extremity injury. 80+ hours of patient care experience in a prosthetics and orthotics firm and 5 years of teaching experience at a summer school. Elected into multiple leadership positions in 2 volunteer organizations over 4 years. Prepared to combine strong work ethic, leadership experience, and a passion for patient care toward a career as a cardiac device specialist.


Fall 2021

Graduated from the University of Central Florida with a Bachelor’s Degree in Biomedical Sciences. Gained knowledge in the medical device space shadowing physicians in the OR and traveling with the territory representative from clinic to clinic displaying and demonstrating orthopedic implant procedures. 2+ years experience as hiring manager working with a team to determine appropriate candidates for employment. Experience in a fast paced environment serving as a medical scribe in the emergency department. Eager to combine clinical knowledge and experience with strong teamwork and communication skills in addition to PrepMD experience toward a successful career as a cardiac clinical specialist.


Fall 2021

New York State certified firefighter, with 3 years of experience as a collaborative leader in high stress environments. Trained in basic life support and life-saving techniques, inspiring a passion for patient care. 5+ years of management in the customer service and recreation industry, responsible for the performance and training of up to 15 employees. Graduated from the University of Connecticut with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication, including 4 semesters of engineering coursework. A recipient of the New England Scholar Award in 2019. Looking forward to bringing a passion for saving lives to the fast paced setting of the cardiac clinical device industry.


Fall 2021

Graduated from Bucknell University with a Bachelor of Arts in Chemistry. Developed a strong interest in cardiac industry while shadowing a cardiologist and observing an open heart surgery during an externship. Proven critical thinking skills after 4 years of scientific research experience in a laboratory setting working both independently and as part of a team. Acquired customer service and interpersonal skills while working for 2 years in retail and hospitality. Excited to utilize skills and experiences obtained from my chemistry studies, combined with recent cardiac knowledge into a successful career as a medical device specialist. 


Fall 2021

Honors graduate of the University of Kansas with a BS in Marketing (3.93 GPA). Active leader in the highly selective collegiate Business Honors, Business Leadership, and Professional Selling Program. Demonstrated strong interpersonal and communication skills while serving as the executive board member, treasurer, and financial committee head of sorority. Created lasting impact through key leadership decisions and managed a $2,000,000+ budget. Background includes multiple corporate sales internships, 6 years+ of customer service and sales roles, and experience consulting executive leadership at a healthcare system. Impassioned to make a tangible difference in patients’ lives by leveraging extensive sales skill set, rigorous technical training, and clinical exposure at top Boston hospitals in a cardiac medical device career.


Fall 2021

Developed strong interpersonal and analytical skills working 1+ years in an animal lab and two Louisiana hospital systems. Gained further professional experience working in a high intensity sales support role building relationships with C-suite executives. Graduate of Louisiana State University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a minor in Biological Sciences with a 3.7 GPA. Eager to combine background in sales and healthcare with knowledge gained at PrepMD in a career as a cardiac device clinical specialist.


Fall 2021

Extensive direct patient care experience with over 5 years of involvement in emergency medical services. Developed strong communication, organizational, and leadership skills with added responsibilities over time as a Crew Chief and EMS Lieutenant. Responsible for new member orientation and training, and assisted in the creation and implementation of COVID-19 protocols for all members of the department. Experience working in a high volume urgent care facility supporting the physician with clinical and administrative duties. Eager to transition knowledge and skills learnt at PrepMD into a rewarding career as a cardiac clinical specialist. 



Over 5 years of investment experience at a major television advertisement agency in New York City. Adept in collaborating amongst a team of 9 in a fast-paced professional environment, building industry relationships, and managing high-profile client expectations. Promoted within 1 year to a senior broadcast buyer, responsible for new employee training, negotiating rates, and air time placements. Graduate of the College of the Holy Cross with a Bachelor’s degree in English. Eager to combine newfound passion for the clinical cardiac space with previous sales and management experience in a meaningful career helping patients as a cardiac clinical specialist.


Fall 2021

3 years of direct patient care experience in multiple healthcare settings. Demonstrated effective bedside manner as a CNA on a fast paced, cardiothoracic telemetry unit. Combined 4000+ hours as a medical assistant and casting tech in pediatrics and orthopedics. Developed and taught training protocols for new hires. Gained strong communication skills, and the ability to engage with physicians’ in a high intensity environment by assisting in small surgical procedures in office.  Graduate of the University of New Hampshire with a B.S. in Biomedical Science Medical Microbiology (3.50 GPA). Excited to join the cutting-edge profession working at the intersection of science and medical care as a cardiac clinical specialist.


PrepMD’s 24-week cardiac rhythm management (CRM) device & Electrophysiology (EP) program is comprised of intense online curriculum, training at our award-winning facility and clinical rotations at Harvard & Tufts medical centers. PrepMD offers training to enhance quality of clinical teams at device companies and healthcare systems.


With over 450 trained graduates in last 10 years, PrepMD places highly trained and qualified professionals in cardiac device and EP clinical and mapping roles at medical device companies & healthcare systems across the US. Our Contract Staffing Organization offers an established network of talented and experienced medical device specialists.

Remote Monitoring

PrepMD RMS is a leading CIED remote monitoring service provider offering the strongest, most reliable service in the space – all at no upfront costs. People are our biggest asset – our CCDS-certified professionals work hand in hand with device clinics of all sizes to ensure delivery of high quality reports while optimizing the clinic’s remote monitoring results.