Instant support to medical device companies and healthcare providers to tackle service burden or sales needs!

PrepMD Professionals delivers cardiac medical device specialists who can tackle your service burden or sales support needs today. Through our Contract Staffing Organization (CSO) we offer an established network of talented and/or experienced medical device specialists who can fill your short and long-term staffing requirements. PrepMD Professionals can satisfy your contract, contract-to-hire and direct placement needs for your medical device specialist positions in the cardiac device and electrophysiology space.

Strategic Introduction of Talent

PrepMD Professionals allows you to more strategically introduce new talent into your organization. Through using PrepMD Professionals as a Contract Staffing Organization (CSO) you gain a higher degree of flexibility in structuring your teams. The contract staffing model allows you to better navigate the periodic turns in business and more effectively manage your headcount requirements.

Our professionals are ready to take on tasks and start reducing your service burden immediately. Clinical Service Burden Management and Perioperative Procedure Support are two main ways that PrepMD Professionals can be deployed to free your existing team to take on more revenue generating activities or ensure successful delivery of care to your patients.

Highly Trained Professionals

PrepMD Professionals add value day one. They are highly talented and qualified professionals who underwent 24 weeks of intense training in cardiac devices, electrophysiology and structural heart. Our curriculum covers basics of cardiac anatomy and physiology, different disease states and procedures performed, and provides extensive hands-on training on technologies including cardiac implantable devices such as pacemakers and ICDs and electrophysiology procedures. These individuals then undergo 3 months of clinical rotations at world-class healthcare systems including Harvard and Tufts affiliated medical centers in Boston before graduating from the program.

Candidate Selection Criteria

PrepMD Professionals go through an intense selection criteria which includes assessment and validation to ensure successful contribution to your organization. These candidates either have previous relevant cardiac rhythm management or EP related medical device training, and/or prior job experience.

How Contract Staffing Works?

  • You contract directly with PrepMD Professionals for your specific staffing needs.
  • PrepMD Professionals provides the Field Associates salary, mileage reimbursement, and healthcare benefits.
  • You provide vendor credentialing (as needed), any business related travel expenses, specialized product training support if applicable, and daily direction and guidance.

Defined Contract Periods

By contracting a PrepMD Professional Field Associate for a specific need and timeframe, you are able to manage headcount without approval for a full time equivalent hire, quickly backfill unexpected vacancies on your team, or rapidly build capacity in anticipation of product launches or market development sales activities.

Conversion Opportunities

Utilizing PrepMD Professionals’ Field Associates in a defined contract period also offers employers the opportunity to further evaluate and assess the overall fit of the Field Associate for eventual conversion to direct employment based on the needs of your team. Our contracts provide for flexible conversion windows within the contracting period allowing you to seamlessly convert contracted PrepMD Professionals into direct employees without interrupting your team’s workflow.

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