PrepMD RMS is the most versatile remote monitoring solution on the market

  • Our clients range from 20 to greater than 8,000 remotely monitored patients
  • Our monitoring solutions include a portfolio of different software options – we can also work in your existing software and provide the best service to relieve burden
  • Our staff has experience in every corner of the cardiac device space, from clinic managers to industry technical service specialists
  • We do everything we can to help simplify the workflow in your device clinic

PrepMD RMS provides the strongest, most reliable service in the remote monitoring space

  • From cleaning up large backlogs to doubling clinic revenue, PrepMD RMS has assisted numerous clinics to reach new heights of remote care
  • PrepMD RMS handles all scheduling for your account & focuses on optimizing your clinic’s revenue

PrepMD Remote Monitoring Services has the best people in the industry!

We believe delivering the highest quality of patient care is critically dependent on good communication with the clinics we service.

  • Every morning, our CCDS-certified team will triage all transmissions received by your account, and only provide you with information you want to hear about
  • Throughout the day, our team will provide prompt notification of anything important to your clinic, based on your clinical preferences
  • You can lean on our team just as you would with your own staff

We are not just a Remote Monitoring Services company

  • PrepMD is a well established brand in the cardiac device space and our training programs and world-class faculty ensure our employees stay up-to-date on new technologies and techniques
  • Our clients take advantage of our online and onsite training offerings and IBHRE preparation modules, which greatly help their clinical teams
  • Sometimes, we compliment our remote monitoring solutions with direct or contract staffing solutions helping our clients manage burden on their end

How PrepMD RMS addresses your challenges

Our goal is to help you provide the best-in-class care to your patients! When a clinic approaches us, we put together a team that analyzes the clinic’s situation and comes up with a plan. The PrepMD RMS team includes top-notch CCDS-certified professionals who were in your shoes managing device clinics tackling the same challenges you are facing today. We take pride in our team’s ability to “partner” with you to provide the best solution which may include a combination of software and service or just service utilizing your existing software. We understand that each clinic has a different workflow and hence, our solution is customized to your clinic’s needs. We call this our “insourcing” model!

One common challenge clinics face is billing and determining revenue associated with remote monitoring. PrepMD RMS team provides you with revenue potential based on the number of patients you actively monitor. We also ensure you have an understanding of growth opportunities in revenue if you actively monitor your patients following the standard of care. Our clients greatly appreciate our no upfront costs and no subscription based model!

Once we onboard a clinic, your assigned team diligently works with you on an ongoing basis providing you with clinically relevant and top-notch reports, while also updating you on the status of our optimization efforts. Our ability to optimize a clinic’s remote monitoring and revenue quickly is something our current clients greatly appreciate!

CCDS-Certified Team
Same-Day Alert Reporting
Clinic and Billing Optimization
No Upfront Costs Associated
CCDS-Certified Team
Same-Day Alert Reporting
Clinic and Billing Optimization
No Upfront Costs Associated

PrepMD Remote Monitoring Services
Let us customize a solution to help manage your clinic’s
remote monitoring workflow, staffing, volume and financial challenges

Expert Staff

CCDS-certified provide clinically relevant reports and work toward optimizing your clinic so you can provide high standard of care to your patients.

RM Challenges

While remote monitoring forms key to a successful delivery of care, hospitals and device clinics have one or many challenges while monitoring their device patients.

RM Standard of Care

Well planned and executed remote monitoring and interrogation can help achieve follow-up goals and improve device clinic workflow efficiency.