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We believe delivering the highest quality of patient care is critically dependent on good collaboration with the clinics we service – PrepMD RMS assigns a team to your clinic even before you decide to go with our service. We diligently work with you to provide the best remote monitoring solution that would address your needs. Once we bring your clinic on board, every morning, our team will triage all transmissions received by your account, and only provide you with information you want to hear about. Throughout the day, our team provides prompt notification of anything important to your clinic, based on your clinical preferences.

Our IBHRE® CCDS-certified cardiac monitoring specialists assigned to your clinic don’t just work on providing clinically relevant reports but also work toward optimizing your clinic. The CMS’s typically have extensive clinical experience and are cardiac device specialists who have either started and managed device clinics at major healthcare systems for over 10 years, have managed device clinics actively monitoring over 10,000 patients, and/or were star performers and trainers at medical device manufacturers.

PrepMD RMS Leadership Team

Matt O'Neal

Matt O'Neal

Co-Founder and CEO

-University of Massachusetts Amherst-
Matt brings more than 42 years of health care and medical device industry experience in sales, training, recruitment, and management roles for companies including Winthrop Laboratories, Cardiac Pacemakers, Inc. and Boston Scientific. Matt played a key role in the commercial launch of breakthrough technologies, including the first implantable cardioverter defibrillator (ICD), the first transvenous ICD therapies, and Anti-Tachycardia (ATP) device applications. As Vice President of Sales for Boston Scientific Matt chaired multiple committees and drove the development of innovative new training programs that fostered clinical excellence. Matt also served on the Biomedical Advisory Board at Georgia Institute of Technology.

Greg O'Neal, CCDS, CEPS

Greg O'Neal, CCDS, CEPS

Manager of Business Development, Remote Monitoring

-Georgia Institute of Technology-
Greg is dual IBHRE® certified - Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist (CEPS) and Certified Cardiac Device Specialist (CCDS). While working as an EP/TSS with Abbott Laboratories (St. Jude Medical) Greg assisted in more than 500 CIED implants and 150 ablations as well routinely working with numerous cardiac device clinics. Greg holds a bachelor of science in Biomedical Engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology, with a minor in leadership studies. As Manager of Business Development, Greg helps create customized, efficient solutions that will bring your cardiac device clinic to the next level. Based on customer feedback, Greg continuously works to improve the various products offered by PrepMD RMS.

Eliza Peters, CCDS, CEPS, IBHRE Ambassador

Eliza Peters, CCDS, CEPS, IBHRE Ambassador

Manager, Cardiac EP & Remote Monitoring Operations

-University of Missouri-
Eliza is dual IBHRE® certified - Cardiac Electrophysiology Specialist (CEPS) and Certified Cardiac Device Specialist (CCDS) and an IBHRE Ambassador - with over 9 years of healthcare and medical sales experience. As a Senior Sales Representative at Abbott (St. Jude Medical), Eliza worked in Cardiac Electrophysiology (EP) and Cardiac Rhythm Management (CRM) supporting electroanatomical mapping and device implants. She provided 3D mapping support for over 2,500 procedures, and over 1,100 CIED implants during her career. Eliza manages the Cardiac EP program design and instruction, in addition to managing operations for PrepMD's fast growing Remote Monitoring Services.

Melanie Marshall, RN, CCDS

Melanie Marshall, RN, CCDS

Clinical Supervisor

-Cumberland University-
Melanie began her nursing career at University of Virginia Medical Center in the CCU and was promoted to Assistant Nurse Manager. At Tufts Medical Center she worked alongside Dr. Mark Estes in the Electrophysiology Lab. As Nursing Coordinator she started, and then ran the Pacemaker/ICD Clinic and Monitoring Center. She also served as Research Coordinator for Clinical trials in The Cardiac Arrhythmia Center. IBHRE® CCDS Board Certified since 1987 and a current Allied Professional member of the Heart Rhythm Society, Melanie supports Remote Monitoring Services by monitoring device websites for alerts, communicating with clinic staff on a daily basis, and reviewing remote reports.

CCDS-Certified Team
Same-Day Alert Reporting
Clinic and Billing Optimization
No Up-Front Costs Associated

PrepMD Remote Monitoring Services
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Why PrepMD RMS

We provide the strongest, most reliable service in the remote monitoring space with clients ranging from 20 to greater than 8,000 remotely monitored patients.

RM Challenges

While remote monitoring forms key to a successful delivery of care, hospitals and device clinics have one or many challenges while monitoring their device patients.

RM Standard of Care

Well planned and executed remote monitoring and interrogation can help achieve follow-up goals and improve device clinic workflow efficiency.