Wondering how to start a career in the medical field without the time and financial commitment of medical school? Always wanted to work in the health care industry but don’t want to give MCAT? Indeed completing medical school leads to a financially rewarding career in healthcare, however, you don’t have to be a physician to work in this industry. There are a number of interesting and rewarding jobs in the healthcare industry that do not require you to go through medical school and become a physician.

The healthcare industry is rapidly expanding and there are many jobs you can opt for if you don’t have a medical degree. Some of them are not just greatly satisfying due to the nature of the work you do, but also highly rewarding. One such job is that of a medical device specialist. Here is all you need to know about this occupation.

Medical Device Specialists
Due to rapid technological evolution in medical devices, there are requirements for individuals who understand these devices as well as the ongoing innovation, and are specialized in operating and supporting them on a continuous basis. This field offers excellent opportunities, potential growth and amazing incentives.

As a medical device specialist, you would have to ensure the standard of performance of the medical devices at the healthcare facility you are working, whether you are employed by the facility or represent a medical device manufacturer. A medical device specialist is involved in the implantation, functionality, performance testing, device monitoring, etc. of innovative cutting-edge technologies that are used to treat patients of different disorders or diseases.

Medical device specialists are involved in the evaluation and review of the medical devices being used, ensuring it is working well, and/or instructing the handling of the device or using the device on patients depending on the type of the devices they support.

Job Responsibilities
The major role of the medical device specialist is to be effective and efficient in
• Understanding the technicalities of the device,
• Using and handling the device properly,
• Demonstrating to other members the right way of using the device,
• Fully understanding the clinical applications of the device,
• Possessing strong communication, leadership and training skills.

A medical device specialist is also required to be present in the operating rooms to ensure the proper handling and implantation of the devices. He/she maybe responsible for educating the patients and customers about the functionality, procedures and usage of those medical devices possibly through demonstrations and presentations to ensure they are utilized properly. A medical device specialist may also be responsible for monitoring these devices on an ongoing basis while addressing the individual patient indications. A device specialist can be employed by a medical device manufacturer or a healthcare facility. If hired within the medical device industry, he/she will also be responsible for ensuring product availability, customer satisfaction and corporate training activities.

You don’t have to become a physician to have a rewarding and interesting career in healthcare industry. There are plenty of great careers in this field that are now booming for various reasons. Mostly due to the growing aging population as well as the growing advances in technologies for which there is a dire need for medical device specialists. This occupation offers a great career growth with experience that shows it is an excellent career to consider.

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