Exceptional People

PrepMD’s strongest asset has always been its people. Thanks to the team’s continued hard work and dedication, PrepMD has positively changed lives for over 10 years! We run 3 divisions, namely Training, Staffing, and Remote Monitoring from our Braintree, MA facility. Our employees have successful professional and educational backgrounds, and are here with a passion to impact people’s lives!

Collaborative Culture

Even though PrepMD is a fast-growing company, the employees here feel they have joined a PrepMD Family, where the people enjoy working together in a collaborative environment to accomplish goals and share in the celebration of goals met. PrepMD RMS employees collaborate remotely from across the U.S. to enable healthcare systems to provide high standard of care to their patients.

Visionary Leadership

The visionary leadership team at PrepMD focuses on innovative ideas enabling company growth. PrepMD was founded in 2009 as a pacing school and soon grew to be a company with multiple divisions striving to make a significant impact on patients’ lives. The leadership team is always open to new ideas and strategies, and takes a strongly collaborative approach to accomplish goals.

Current Job Openings

The cardiac monitoring specialist (CMS) at PrepMD RMS is responsible for the monitoring of all patients across all device manufacturers within their assigned account(s), including alert notification and alert/scheduled report generation. The CMS will ensure prompt client notification of all actionable/urgent alert items, as well as timely reporting on all transmissions (both alert and scheduled) within the Paceart environment. This team member is ultimately responsible for all clinical duties requested of PrepMD Remote Monitoring Services and is the client’s primary contact.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Performing alert triage according to guidelines provided by the client, and using the client’s EHR systems to understand available patient historicals
  • Providing prompt, same-day notification of all actionable/urgent alert items to the client throughout the normal operating hours of the clinic
  • Providing high quality reports within Paceart that align with client’s specifications
  • Maintaining the client’s Paceart system through updating new patient encounters on a daily basis
  • Periodically hosting client web meetings in an effort to continuously improve services and client satisfaction
  • Reconciling the device manufacturer websites (dismissing transmissions) after they have been completed within Paceart
  • Performing any and all other duties directed by their manager


  • 4 year bachelor’s degree (or equivalent)
  • CCDS Certification
  • 5+ years cardiac device experience (industry or clinic)
  • Prior experience working with Paceart (preferred)
  • Strong communication skills and analytical skills

Under the direct supervision of the Clinical Monitoring Specialist (CMS), the technician acquires and reports on all implanted loop recorder (ILR) transmissions received on the device company websites.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Access downloaded information on ILR’s from individual device company websites
  • Competent in rhythm measurements by rate and EKG intervals
  • Capable of differentiating normal heart rhythms from abnormal rhythms
  • Provide assessment of normal rhythms and arrhythmias received
  • Review all graph and table data reporting on clinically relevant information
  • Document new information not previously reported on or seen in prior transmission
  • Recognize clinically significant rhythms requiring immediate notification to Supervisor
  • Work closely with supervisor in reporting clinically actionable and critical patient information Review all data and provide comprehensive, clinically accurate written reports
  • Responsible for insuring proper scheduling is adhered to following the Medicare guidelines


  • 5+ years of experience reading ILR’s/Holter Monitor recordings
  • Demonstrates excellent rhythm interpretation skills
  • Completion of Certified Cardiac Monitor Certification or equivalent exam
  • Associate’s degree preferred
  • Demonstrates good teamwork skills

Please contact PrepMD at hello@prepmd.com if you have any questions.